New Course Out Now: Sparkling Electric Guitar

Aug 15, 2022

If I could take a struggling worship team and fix one thing, I would fix the electric guitar. 

When it's played right, the electric guitar adds life and breath. 

When it's play wrong, the electric guitar is muddy, harsh and annoying. 

That's why I'm proud to introduce "Sparkling Electric Guitar".

It is a six week course designed specifically for the worship guitarist. 

The problem I see is that too many guitarists don't know what the electric guitar is for. They play too much at the wrong time on the wrong part of the guitar. This course aims to fix that. 

This course teaches you how to play the RIGHT thing for any genre or song. 

I do this through an online video course complete with jam tracks, charts, and chord diagrams so that you can complete the course whether or not you read music. 

If you payed for private lessons to learn this you could easily spend over $250. 

For this you won't even pay half that. 


$97 for the entire course, the jam tracks, the charts, all of it. 

BUT, if you order before August 22nd, 2022, you only pay $75. 

You'll save over %20 if you purchase soon. But once the deal is gone it's gone. 

So click to get access and start learning. 

Your worship team will thank you. 

Click below to see the course:

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