Hi friends. My name is Nathan Smith- the founder of Blue Print Sounds.


As a songwriter have you ever had these frustrations?


  • "All my songs sound the same."

  • "I get bored playing the same chords and progressions." 

  • "I don't know how to tell my band what to add to my song."

If so, this is the place for you! 


I asked myself the same questions when I was learning to write. I bought books, I read articles, and I wrote a lot of bad songs. 

I mean I wrote a lot of bad songs. 

Now 20 years into writing I have seen my own growth and taught others the craft. But when I look around I see two camps of teaching and they are both wrong. 

Camp 1: "We'll teach you to write songs but it will be vague, philosophical, and not-at-all helpful."


Camp 2: "We'll teach you to write songs, but you'll have to pay $$$."

There is a better way


I'm going to take you inside my songs and show you the craft.


I'm going to get specific.


I'm going to show you my mistakes so you don't make them. 

And here's what you're going to be able to do: 

  • Write lyrics that grab and hold attention.

  • Combine your lyrics, chords, and rhythms into a groove that punches.

  • Tell stories that take your listeners on a ride they will want to go on again and again.

And you're going to get most of this for free. 

Free. Why?


Because I'm so confident you'll see improvement in your music that you will want to go deeper.


If not? No hard feelings.

But if you want to get started, sign up for my email list and be the first to know when new content is out. 

As a gift, you'll get access to my 30 minute mini-class "Ten Tips in One Song" plus more. 

The world doesn't need more covers. 

The world needs more originals.