Turn your church musicians and sound techs... 
into a worship team.


 Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Your worship and production team has struggled to transition to livestreaming

  • You have bought new gear or added tracks, but things haven't "clicked"

  • Every week is a struggle to find people to serve

  • Your best people are overworked while others are undertrained

  • People are tired and joy is low



My name is Nathan Smith. I have led worship and worship bands for over a decade. Here's what I've learned.


Growing a team is different than managing players, singers, and techs. 

Yes, the band needs musical skill. Yes, your techs need proper training. But to have a team, you need more than a collection of people. 

To have a worship team, you need a joyful community. 

I've been there. I've hauled the gear, played the services, and had the hard conversations. I've built joyful community and culture. And I can show you how to: 

  • Have clear communication between people

  • Train musicians to know when to play, and when to leave space

  • Train sound techs to have a musical ear and a technical mind 

  • Run an efficient and fun rehearsal 

  • Recruit and train new volunteers 

No matter your budget, you can get personal, professional help with your worship ministry. 


Start with a free 20 minute Zoom call.

In what areas would you like to see your people grow? Let's talk. No strings attached. 



Get a professional assessment.

I will analyze three of your Sunday worship services. After I learn about your production setup we’ll discuss solutions on a 30 minute Zoom call. This includes continued support by email and a discounted rate on future coaching calls.



In-person workshops for the whole team.

I’ll come to you, get to know your people, and together we’ll work on all three fundamental skills: the musical, the technical, and the relational.

Contact me for pricing information.

Workshop topics include:

  • The Five Elements of a Full-Sounding Worship Team

  • 10 Things that are Killing your Livestream 

  • Building Joyful Community

  • Discovering Your Gifts and Design

  • Running Efficient Rehearsals and Sound Checks

  • Besting the Basics of Live Sound

  • Playing as a Unit

  • Songwriting for Your Home Church


Imagine a year or so from now. Your team could:

  • Recruit and train new volunteers 

  • Serve with excellence and joy

  • Understand and honor each other


Or your team could:

  • Suffer burnout and resentment

  • Spend money on gear without fixing the real problems

  • Struggle to find and train volunteers 

Take care of your people, and watch what a healthy team can do.