Blue Print Sounds



Helping  churches make a joy/full noise.


Free Worship Workshop

Improve in all three areas



The Music

Access expert instruction for specific instruments so your team can give their best in worship. 

The Live Sound

Get your sound volunteers the training they need to share the good news clearly. 

The Teamwork

Help your team grow a culture of honor and gratitude so they can serve with joy. 

Popular Course

Sparkling Electric Guitar

Give yourself six weeks and you can be the missing piece your band is looking for. 


What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"This method changed my whole playing style and helped my musicianship to be a team player rather than duplicating parts from other musicians."

Jon S. 


"I really loved this course. I kept jumping up and running to tell my wife. I wish I had seen this early on in my songwriting journey. It would have helped me a whole lot!!!"

Andrew B. 


Free Worship Workshop