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Five Elements of a



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Learn What Makes A Song Work 

Element 1

The Groove

Your drummer and bass player are the heart beat of the band. Teach your team to truly listen and lock in to their groove.

Element 2

Main Rhythm

The energy and drive that your main rhythmic instrument brings is vital. Show your team how to use it. 

Element 3


The warmth and sustain of a the holds fill in the midrange and make everyone feel good. Show your team how to embrace it. 

Element 4


Show your team how to add the angelic long-lines so popular in modern worship. 

Element 5


The polish, the space, the melodic cherry-on-top. Teach your electric guitarist to shine while playing less. 


I'm Nathan Smith

I have been in and around bands most of my life. And whether It is jazz, funk, bluegrass or rock, there are a few core elements to a full sound. 

I have a passion for church worship teams to play as a unit with joy and skill. Take a few minutes and I promise you I can help your team: 

  • Understand the roles of each instrument.
  • Learn to listen and leave space. 
  • Avoid common band mistakes. 
  • Arrange themselves no matter the instrumentation.

Let's see if we can turn the lights on for your team. 

"This method changed my whole playing style and helped my musicianship to be a team player rather than duplicating parts from other musicians."

- Jonathan S.
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