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Why You Should Write Worship Songs for Your Home Church.

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

America has woken up to the wonder of freshly baked bread. The picture on this blog is of a loaf my wife made. It was glorious sourdough. It had it all: a crackly crust, open cell structure, and a yeasty bite. It was so good we had to invite my brother over to try it while it was still warm. Then we took the rest over to my mom and dad's. That's how good home-made bread is when it's done right.

I was talking with a friend about bread over facetime, and he agreed,

"Yeah, why have I been wasting time with storebought bread all these years? Good bread is only four ingredients. Why do you need all that other stuff in your bread?"

Why indeed?

I think I know the answer: consistency.

My wife's first attept with bread was a few weeks ago. It didn't go well. She called it a hockey puck. We choked it down. I took no pictures. We called no family members.

The reason we buy bread from the store is because under normal circumstances, we are too busy. We need to make sandwiches for the kids NOW! Hand over the wonder bread. at least it's not a hockey puck. Homemade bread can be really really good, but it can also be really bad. Storebought bread will never be that good, but it will never be that bad either.

Which brings me to worship music.

I can say with confidence that 80% of worship music played in your evangelical church sounds similar to the evangelical church down the street. Maybe the singers and the players are different, but the songs are the same. Why?


Sunday is a big day for worship leaders and church staff, and there's a lot of spoken and unspoken pressure to "get it right". With all that pressure and a short window of time to excecute, it's much easier to subscribe to a website, download the chart and maybe the tracks if your church has the technology, and fire away. What's more, everyone who listens to Christian radio or Spotify will know that new "it" song and they will sing along. Job done right?


Every church is put on a piece of land with a specific group of people and a specific design. At least we hope so right? So shouldn't that unique family of believers have their own sound? Shouldn't the musicians in that house of worship be writing songs that reflect the heart of their congregation? Sure, it will be inconsistent, especially at first. There will be some hockey pucks. But if that church is healthy and the musicians are growing it will get better. One day they might make something that is so original, so good, and so noteworthy that you just might call your brother to come over while it's still happening.

Maybe that's too outlandish to consider. But hey, America is baking bread again.

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