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Do You Have the Design of a Teacher?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

“Let’s take this step by step.”

“Let me think about it for a while before I decide.”

“That’s very interesting. Where did you hear that?”

“That’s true, but I’m sure there is another side to the story.”

Welcome to the mind of the teacher.

The teacher values truth. They are natural learners and they love the process of learning for its own sake. Because they know how to do things incrementally, God gives them a priestly anointing to invite people into healing and wholeness one step at a time.

Unlike the prophet, the teacher doesn’t reject or accept truth quickly. In the mind of the teacher, if it is true, it will still be true in a year or ten years. They enjoy research, they usually write well, and they listen well without being judgmental.

A mature teacher opens up the scriptures to others by being in God’s presence. They also bring thoughtfulness and balance to the body of Christ.

A carnal teacher can often be tardy, self-centered, and bad at returning things. They tend toward selective responsibility. They may do A+ work at their job, but F- work in other areas of life that do not interest them. Because they often prefer to reason people into righteousness, they have difficulty imposing responsibility on others. And because they loathe beginning a task with incomplete information, they often use study as an excuse to procrastinate.

The lie that Satan wants the teacher to believe is this: “I am legitimate when I know the truth and have all the information. That information gives me power.”

The birthright of the teacher is to know God deeply, to know His truths, and to reveal His truth to others.


Some examples of teachers in the Bible include:

Luke the disciple: Luke 1:1-4

Notice how thoroughly Luke investigated Jesus’ history before he wrote his gospel. Whereas Mark’s gospel reads like a thriller, Luke’s account reads like a documentary- it is accuracy that he cares about.

Isaiah the prophet: Isaiah 1:18-20

Not only is Isaiah perhaps the most gifted writer in the Old Testament, notice the step-by-step process of reconciliation he lays out for Israel.


If you are a teacher, here is a prayer tailored to your gifting:

Father I thank you for giving me the design of a teacher. Thank you for making me love truth and accuracy and depth. I thank You that You love them too.

I repent for allowing my talent in one area of life to keep me from growing in all the areas You destined for me. I pray that I would embrace responsibility for myself and for my family. I thank you for the written word, but I also ask for Your spoken word to fill my heart, so I can refresh others.



This teaching on the redemptive gifts is in no way my own teaching. I rely heavily on the extensive work of Arthur Burk.

If you would like to dive deeper, this teaching series is a great place to start.

Do you think you have the design of a teacher? Leave a comment below.

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