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Do You Have the Design of a Servant?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

"Oh I already cleaned that up."

"Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"That wouldn't be hard to do."

Welcome to the mind of the servant.

The servant values atmosphere. They are interested in creating a space where people enjoy themselves and thrive. Ultimately, they were designed to make places where God wants to come and inhabit.

God gives the servant large amounts of spiritual authority precisely because He knows they don't want it. The default of a servant is not to promote or build their own kingdom. But God expects the servant to grow into their authority to do what He asks of them.

The servant is very quick to see and fill physical needs. He usually prefers to be behind the scenes, making sure that people have the resources they need. I say "he" because I am talking about myself.

Servants don't usually have enemies. They extend honor to others naturally, and are very loyal. They are also reluctant to impose responsibility on others, and this can be a fault. They don't hustle people and tend to be low-maintenance.

The sign of a mature servant is someone who serves God first, not people. He walks in authority and dignity. He is someone proven to be trustworthy to God and to others.

The sign of a carnal or immature servant is someone who plays the victim. He enables other people and won't discipline those underneath him. He isn't in control of his own boundaries, especially time, and cannot say "no". He runs around putting out fires for other people and can neglect his own family in his hurry.

The lie that Satan wants the servant to believe is this: "I am legitimate when I make a platform under someone else so they can be successful".

The birthright of the servant is to clean the atmosphere around people, places, and things so that God wants to come and be there.


Examples of servants in scripture include:

Ananias in Acts 9:10-19

Notice that God sends Ananias to bring cleansing to Saul. Ananias resisted by bringing up Saul's "authority", which God quickly disregarded with His own greater authority. Notice also the immediacy of the command and the response. The servant is made to shift gears quickly. The correct use of the gift is to be quick to respond to God over and above responding to people.

Joseph the father of Jesus in Matthew 1:18-25

Notice how Joseph wanted to protect Mary's honor before he was told the truth by the angel of God. Elsewhere in scripture God warns him in a dream to take his family and flee to Egypt. Again, the servant at his best is flexible and ready to respond to God quickly.


If you are a servant, here is a prayer tailored to your gifting:

"Lord God, thank you for making me with the design of a servant. Thank you for making me love atmosphere and flow and the unnoticed things that make life work. I repent of playing the victim, living in a poverty mindset, and not protecting my own boundaries. I pray that I would fully embrace the enormous authority You have given me. I ask that You would show me how to respond to you quickly, and make a place where You want to come. Out of that peace, I pray that I would extend the atmosphere to others and make a place for cleansing.



This teaching on the redemptive gifts is in no way my own teaching. I rely heavily on the extensive work of Arthur Burk.

If you would like to dive deeper, this teaching series is a great place to start.

Do you think you have the design of a servant? Leave a comment below.

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