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Deeper Worship Lyrics

You have something worth saying.

Sharpen your skills and say it. 

Designed especially for the worship songwriter, "Deeper Worship Lyrics" gives you practical tools to learn the craft.

You'll discover how to:

-Show and not tell. Learn which words give your lyric power, and which words weaken you meaning. Avoid the landmines of English that put your audience to sleep. Instead, propel your storyline forward by using strong imagery and cutting the fluff. 

-Serve the song. Your lyric needs care and attention. But if you coddle your favorite parts, the whole will suffer. In order for your song to be complete, each section must play its role. Learn what those roles are. 

-Embrace the edit. Rewriting puts you in the trenches. Learn to love it, because this is where the improvement is. Learn how to look critically at your own work, and remove the weaknesses in your lyric. If you want a great song, you need a great editor- and it may as well be you.

-Principles in Practice. Now that you've got the theory, it's time to put it to use. Peer over my shoulder as I work through a lyric. See where I struggled and how I resolved problems in my song. 

-Trendy Ickies. In this bonus module, I talk about trends in worship songwriting. You don't have to agree. But if you are going to find your own voice as a songwriter, you need to decide- are you going to follow trends or forge a different path? Don't let inertia decide. Choose. 

Here's how the course is broken up. You'll get:

  • 5 Lesson modules
  • Assignments and worksheets
  • Written feedback and a 45 minute video chat

If you are ready to improve your songwriting, let's get started. 


What People Are Saying:

"I really loved this course. I kept jumping up and running to tell my wife. I wish I had seen this early on in my songwriting journey. It would have helped me a whole lot!!!"

Andrew B.