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Sparkling Electric Guitar

Give yourself six weeks, and you can be the missing piece your worship team is looking for.

The electric guitar can do so many things for your band. But with all those options:

  • What SHOULD I play?  
  • How do I stay out of the way of the acoustic guitar, piano, and synth?
  • How do I play the right thing for each genre? 
  • Do I just solo the whole time?

The answer is: You have to be your own arranger. 

You have to understand what each song needs, what is expected of you, and where to leave space for others.

Do it right, and you'll be the cherry on top of each song. Do it wrong, and you'll add mud and harshness. 

So what do you need to be that missing piece? 

Let me tell you what you DON'T need:

  • A new guitar
  • 3,000 chord shapes
  • Yet another $300 effects pedal
  • A leather jacket

You need to think like an arranger. 

An arranger cares more about the entire sound of the band than any one instrument. An arranger knows how the pieces form a whole. An arranger allows everyone to shine. When a song is arranged well the band wins. 

This course teaches you to play so that the band wins

What you'll get:

  • Step-by-step instruction with weekly assignments. 
  • Demos of each song, rhythm diagramming, and tips for technique.
  • Real world examples with charts and jam tracks.
  • Go-anywhere skills no matter the song or genre. 
  • Increasing complexity in rhythm and technique to keep you improving.
  • Critical thinking to improve your "band smarts" and arranging chops.

This is not a course for divas and stage hogs. 

This is a course for team players who want to make their band fuller, brighter, and better. 

Your band will thank you. 

What People Are Saying:

"This method changed my whole playing style and helped my musicianship to be a team player rather than duplicating parts from other musicians."

Jon S.