You have a song inside you.

Get it out.  


We live in a world of reruns. 

Spiderman 17!

Pride and Prejudice with antelopes!

"The Wheels on the Bus" in 7/8 time! 

Has the world run out of new ideas? No you haven't. 

You were designed to create, not imitate. 

Blue Print Sounds was made for songwriters, worship leaders, and musicians who want to move beyond covers. And here's the big secret... 

People are hungry for originals!

People are ready for tailor-made music with a sense of place. 

Churches want worship leaders who will write the prayers and heart of their people. 

  • That new "it" album is great. 

  • Those downloadable charts and tracks are helpful. 

  • That other artist found a cool sound. 


The world needs you to stand up and sound off. 

But maybe you need some help. 

  • Maybe you don't know where to start. 

  • Maybe all your songs are sounding the same. 

  • Maybe you feel like something is missing in your writing. 

Well, start here. 

Watch my free tutorial "Ten Tips in One Song".

You will recieve a link to my unlisted Youtube video.


It's about 30 minutes long and filled with tips you can use right now to improve your songs. 

As an extra, you'll recieve:

  • "Ten Tips in One Song" checklist

  • "That Place" chords and lyrics sheet

  • "That Place" neck diagrams for guitar players. 

Let's get writing!